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Food Security

Community of Practice

The UCITY Family Zone Food Security Community of Practice (FS CoP) aims to unite and engage UCITY Family Zone residents and organizations with a common interest in providing sustainable access to fresh, affordable, and nutritious food and food-related resources. The Food Security CoP meets every month to engage in discussions, learning, and community-based activities centered around promoting food security in our UCITY Family Zone communities.


Together, we aim to share knowledge and combine our collective resources to collaboratively create and implement innovative, resident-led solutions to combat food insecurity in the UCITY Family Zone. It is our goal that through this practice, we will create lasting relationships, measurable outcomes and contribute to equitably improving the health and quality of life of all those that live in the UCITY Family Zone. 


  • Focus on healthy eating education and awareness

  • Emphasize the importance of healthy eating habits to the community

  • Promote equitable access to healthy food within the community

  • Build community sustainability


Community Members:

  • 100 Gardens

  • Atrium Health and Deep Roots Farms

  • Camino Community Center Food Pantry

  • Care to Share Food Pantry

  • Faith CME Food Pantry

  • Harvesting Humanity LLC.

  • Hope Street Food Pantry

  • Keith Family YMCA of Greater Charlotte

  • Mecklenburg Co. Public Health

  • Mecklenburg Soil and Water Conservation

  • Nebadeye Farms

  • Northside Baptist Church

  • R.I.C.’s Market

  • Rivendell Farms of the Carolinas

  • Second Harvest

  • The Community Hub, CDC

  • The Males Place Inc.

  • University Hospital gardens

  • Uplift Ministries Food Pantry

  • West Charlotte Community Land Trust

  • Zolingo’s Spice for Life


Food Security CoP Facilitators:

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